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Refund Policy

1. 1. If you are not satisfied with our services at any time you may cancel your service contract. It’s part of our no-risk customer guarantee.

2.Event that your service contract is cancelled, service will be delivered for the current month, though you will not be charged for the month thereafter. When taking advantage of our up front discounts, with an upfront payment of service in advance, we have a strict No Refund policy. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Internet Customer Service Department by initiating a Live Chat from anywhere within the My Software Cart website or email us at

3 Completion and submission of any My Software Cart registration authorizes to charge the credit card specified in your registration for all such fees corresponding to the selected My Software Cart. Unless stated otherwise on ‘s web pages applicable to a given My Software Cart , each My Software Cart service will be provided and will automatically renew, monthly, quarterly, sem-annualy or yearly, depending upon the term selected by you when you signed up for the My Software Cart ,), until cancelled in accordance with this section. Your credit card will be charged in advance for the following applicable term’s service. In order to avoid the full fee for any new subscription period, you must cancel the My Software Cart, BEFORE the new period begins. You agree to pay all account charges for paid search services in advance by a valid credit card acceptable to and expressly authorize or the applicable paid search engine to charge your credit card for any and all applicable account charges associated with your account whether these charges are the result of ‘s actions, by on your behalf or by you. You agree to pay and be solely responsible and liable for all charges associated with any of the paid search engines or any other third party accounts, luding, without limitation accounts with the paid search engines, whether opened directly by you or opened by on your behalf, arising out of your use or access of the services or otherwise. Neither shall not have any responsibility or liability for any such charges, costs or liabilities. You will not make any claim to any paid search engine that you will not pay the charges to your account with the particular paid search engine as a result of the actions of My Software Cart for any other reason. Any failure to pay the amounts due under these Terms of Use will be a material breach of your obligations under these Terms of Use. Without limiting any other remedies available to My Software Cart, YOU AGREE TO FULLY REIMBURSE FOR ANY COSTS AND EXPENSES THAT My Software Cart MAY UR IN CONNECTION WITH COLLECTING OR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT ANY SUCH UNPAID AMOUNTS. At any time after activation of a My Software Cart ,neither you or may cancel such service (or may discontinue such service completely) by providing written notice to the other party, in which case the relevant My Software Cart , Services will terminate on the date specified in the cancellation notice. If no date is specified, the Service will terminate at the end of the then-current billing period. My Software Cart also reserves the right to cancel any individual My Software Cart , immediately and without notice in the event that you breach any provision of these Terms of Use or any other terms that apply to the My Software Cart . For accounts with the paid search engines or any other third party accounts opened directly by you or by My Software Cart on your behalf, you will need to contact such paid search engines directly yourself in order to cancel or terminate your particular paid search account with the appropriate paid search engine. NO REFUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON ACCOUNT OF ANY SERVICE CANCELLATION BY EITHER PARTY, EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED BELOW Without limiting any of the restrictions above, you acknowledge and agree that NO REFUNDS OR PARTIAL REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED: (a) FOR ANY SERVICE THAT YOU CANCEL AFTER RENEWAL HAS TAKEN PLACE. (b) My Software Cart shall not give any refunds for unspent money amounts that may be in any or all of the paid search engines accounts upon cancellation.

Beyond the fact that issue was not provided with a satisfactory resolution, please mention the reason for the refund or termination and under such request a reply will be sent via a registered email address and an intimation via the phone as well after it has been determined that a refund/return is necessary.

In case you (customer) is not satisfied with the services/product provided, the commitments made and wants an immediate return, the same will be returned to the credit card or bank account or PayPal account whichever is applicable at the time of purchase.

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